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MistryMaths is a unique and unparalleled website that offers enterprising, innovative, engaging and high impact mathematics lessons and materials for a variety of people from students, teachers, lecturers, parents, schools, universities, education consultants and professionals. The author is Manoj Mistry and his work has proved immensely popular so very quickly. His work has gained over one million downloads and he was nominated for a 2013 Times Educational Supplement Award for his resource contribution to the education sector.

Manoj is on a mission to change the face of mathematics education in the UK and abroad. He has started an eventful journey in banishing the stereotype of mathematics education being dull, inaccessible and worksheet based. Manoj wants to help tackle the skills shortage of mathematicians in the UK and challenge the notion that it is ok to be innumerate. No one ever confesses to being illiterate.

There is a clear structure to every lesson with a minimum of three parts (majority of lessons are split into more). Lessons have been planned with OFSTED grading criteria in mind. The use of a yellow background is to help with retention. Not only is content being taught but links are readily made with skills that students can transfer into the outside world. Manoj would like to acknowledge the creativity of Laura Rees-Hughes and Tristan Jones for the work they have uploaded on www.tes.co.uk. Their creative ideas have inspired a number of different activities within his lessons.

Manoj is passionate about improving the life chances of young people and bringing the UK back on the map as a pioneer in mathematics education. He has received countless praise and plenty of lovely messages from a variety of people he has never met from around the world, mentioning how much he has changed their lives and the learning experiences of students for the better.

An educational institution messaged him saying they often hold exclusive meetings on how they can incorporate his resources into their scheme of work. Through desire, graft and word of mouth he has built up a brand in education, called MistryMaths, which is rapidly becoming well-renowned around the UK.


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